Hey everyone. Welcome to multikultifamily!

We are a family of four: My hubby has the greatest sense of humor and is always willing to help me with my projects. My son Lucas can truly be called a miracle. Born at 2 pounds he faced a whole set of struggles right after his birth. He is now a healthy and happy toddler, exploring the world around him. Then we have a very energetic labrador lady, who could play all day long with our son. Finally, I am the one who keeps inventing things to do around our house.

With this blog I am trying to record our daily challenges as a multicultural family (after all we are Brazilian, German and American).  I love my family, my preemie miracle baby, and making a home for my family. For now we are still living in a rather small apartment to save up for our ultimate goal: Our first house.

For this reason, any updates to our apartment have to be very budget-oriented. Luckily, the blog world is full of great ideas and inspiration and I am loving to try out and record as many of them as possible without breaking the bank.




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