A 2nd Birthday Party – Part 2

Friday morning was great. Our little one woke up to a room full of balloons and had a blast. It’s amazing how something as simple as balloons can leave a child so utterly happy.

Somebody hadn’t woken up yet, lol.

After breakfast and a few pictures with Mommy, I was off to work and the birthday boy had the whole day to spend with daddy, who was lucky enough to have a day off.

I got home and then quickly assembled and decorated the sideboard, prepared the table and table wear:

I re-used last years dark blue table clothes, as well as napkins and plastic forks and knifes. Then I took a curtain panel found in Ikea’s  ‘as is’ section a few months ago for $ 3.00 and used it as table runner.

A blue bucket from the dollar store held little gifts (from the dollar store) for the guests. I also used blue and green hard plastic cups, which I had purchased for the 1st Birthday and which we use to this day every day.

I believe, the balloons, the bucket, and the little gifts altogether were less than $ 10.00.

After making final preparation and ordering 2 large pies of pizza to be delivered later on, our two little guests arrived.

We played, ate and had lots of fun to end the night with a birthday song and wish-wishing.

Now for my final approximate budget breakdown:

– 2 large Pizzas and Ice-tea: $ 28.00

– Ice-cream cake ingredients: $ 10.00

– Decoration, balloons and gifts: $ 10.00

Total: $ 48.00


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