Meal Plan Sunday (6/12/2011)

I haven’t really uploaded any meal plans in a while but thought it would be a good idea doing this. When I posted my plan every week, I was much more diligent about actually making a plan.

Yesterday we stopped by our local Aldi and picked up mainly produce, fresh berries, and some meat. They had strawberries for sale ($1.49 per pack) and blueberries (also $ 1.49 per pack). I stocked up on those. They had big packs of frozen Tilapia at $ 3.00 per pound. We had those filets before and really liked them baked.

Anyway, here is this weeks menu:

And here is the legible version:


– Rice pudding with fresh cherries

– Oatmeal with milk and blueberries

– Wholewheat cereal with milk and apple slices

– Melon and berry smoothie, toast with homemade strawberry jam (I finally made a batch last week)

– Homemade waffles (from the freezer) with fruit

– Oatmeal with berries

– Scrambled eggs with toast, melon-berry-smoothie


– Peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt, fresh fruit ( x 2 )

– Leftovers and fresh fruit ( x 3)


– Pasta and veggie casserole with cheese

– Rice, beans and beef steaks ( x 2 )

– Pasta bolognese with veggies, side salad

– Wrap with ground beef, carrots and peppers, side salad

– Baked potato wedges, zucchini, mushrooms and baked chicken

– Leftovers


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