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Cheating on Ikea … with Ikea

I cheated on Ikea with their own items again. This time for my son.

The last few weeks it became apparent at a friend’s house that he really liked the little kids table and chair sets.

However, Ikea prices for the little sets aren’t actually that cheap. We went looking around and decided on small white chairs, and ignored the tables they offered in the same section. Why? Because the math is very simple:

Chair + matching Table: $ 13.00 + $ 25.00 (or around that)

A cheaper alternative would be the kiddy chair with a $5.00 Lack Side Table.

We only purchased the chair from Ikea’s ‘as is’ section. The Lack-table itself we already from a few years ago and was taking up space in the guest room.

Now, we placed both in the little corner between our two sofas in the living room and the table serves as play table for my son and as sofa side table for the adults.


My husband and his keys …

My husband is the kind of guy who literally looses his keys in the refrigerator. Ten times a day, he goes “Did you see my keys anywhere?”. You get what I mean. Our apartment doesn’t really have the space for a real entry-way.

This is how it looks like:

You see how there is about 5 inches of space between the entry door and the living room? We’re living in an apartment for now, so I didn’t want to mess up the bookshelf because we want to use in our house one day.

So here is what I came up with, without screwing wholes in the side of my bookshelf:

I found a cheap mirror and some hooks at Target. Now there is space for our house keys, the dog leash and other things. At least I haven’t heard my husband complain about lost keys anymore (the wallet and cellphone however, are another story). I am still working on that.

(Note to self: Clean the mirror before taking pictures)

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How things evolve over time …

I just realized how things change once a child arrives in your home.

1) Before child took over everything:

My living room bookshelf contains mostly romance novels and university books – color-coordinated.

2) Baby starting to take over:

My husband’s co-worker gave us all the bobby cars as a gift, and my bookshelf transformed into a parking-garage. Everybody needs one of those in the living room. We kept the cars because a couple of our friends with their small children come over all the time. Pretty much every other weekend our hallway transforms into a highway for toddlers, which is actually pretty fun to watch. (I was able to sell most of my college books online and made a few bucks off them).

3) Were are the books?

The little blue baskets, now on the top shelf, contain CDs, DVDs and an assortment of play station controls. They used to live on the smaller shelves below, but since Lucas started messing everything up, they moved to a new spot high up. I added the large baskets to hide his toys, building blocks, and toy cars.

I am just curious were all this is going to end.

So this is how my baby is taking over my living room.

Little angel

All this is going down tonight, so here a few pics of our tree ( about a month late but that’s how I am ):

Here a detail shot:

I loved all the sparkly ornaments, and the different shades of blue. As far back as I remember my family always had red ornaments, so this was the first time ever for me to change things up.

My favorite ornament is the one for my son’s birth year. A little glass angel I found, which was perfect, considering his birth story and how he healthy and happy now.

Bye, bye tree. See you next year.