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A pop of color

I previously wrote about the small updates I made to our beige-on-beige master bathroom for very little money.

I used leftover paint from my hallway project to add a very light blue to the walls. Then I used the bottom portion that I had cut off from the white and long curtains in the master bedroom.

I also added some artwork by printing ocean inspired images.

The bathroom went from bla

to a little better:

So far, I was really liking my low budget updates, but something was missing. Now I had beige walls, very lightly colored walls, and my accent color was a baby blue that just didn’t seem to be enough to bring some fun to the room.

I also did not like our shower curtain anymore, which was (what a surprise!) and exciting beige color.

You see? The beige color of the shower curtain just did not work with the rest of my updates.I left it there however, until I could find something I could fall in love with. Here is a little peak:

I purchased a new curtain, bathmat, and hand towel on one of my recent trips to Ikea. They had the curtain on display in one of their bathroom models, and I fell in LOVE.

The colors were just what I needed for my bathroom. And the best part is, that this curtain fits perfectly. Its colors complete the look I was going for in my bathroom.


Yet another bathroom update …

When I finished working on my bathroom last week I ended up with this:

However, all the changes I made had one big problem: I still hated the curtains.

As I said before, I am trying as much as possible not to spend any money when making changes to our apartment, so I had a little bit of a problem.

Then on Sunday morning I decided to tackle a new project. When I painted and changed curtains in our master bedroom a few months back, I had purchased among other things very cheap Vivan curtains from Ikea. As they come very long, I had cut of about 50 inches of the fabric on the bottom, and that piece was waiting in my fabric box to be used for some kind of project.

After making some calculations, a lot of “sowing” without a sowing machine (under the amused grins of my husband and brother-in-law), I ended up with this:

Here a close-up:

I only had a little bit of ribbon, that was not enough to cover the blind from top to bottom, so I did this:

Seeing the fabric on the wall, and as an afterthought, having the top third of the blind in a double-layer would create a more consistent look, but even the way it looks now, is much better than before.

And once again, I can declare that this project was completely free. Yes 🙂

I linked this post to the Frugal Friday Party at the Shabby Nest.

Bathroom updates – Part 4

Here is a final breakdown of the things I changed:

I painted the walls with leftover paint from my hallway project, I filled a glass vase with sand and candles (all of which I had on hand), and I spray-painted the lid of a gift box in white and added sea shells, candles, fake pearls and blue glass stones. Then I found a painted canvas that I had gotten as a gift from a friend and attached it to the wall with command strips. Finally, I spray-painted the ugly metal toilet paper holder in brown to have it look more cohesive with the rest of the room. I used only things that I already had at home, which made this a project that didn’t cost me a dime.

Bathroom updates – Part 3

After the paint dried, I searched around in my stuff for free artwork. I found this canvas that I had gotten years ago from a friend.

The message is nice, and the colors are a nice pop compared to the rest of the room. Trying to avoid messing up walls, I returned to my trick-for-all-the-renters:

Command strips are great to add some art to the walls and I have them in several sizes (the big painting in the hallway is fixed to the wall with these).

A final small project I completed while the wall paint still dried was the toilet paper holder. I am not a big fan of metals, so I got out another can of left-over spray paint and transformed this …

… into this:

Here a final comparison:

Before                                                                           After

Bathroom updates – Part 2

Lucas was still sleeping, so I was able to finish up painting the bathroom before he woke up:

I painted a very subtle blue tone called Lime Light, and then added the curtains back on. I would love to have wooden blinds instead of the curtain, but this has to work for now.

I also put some beach inspired decoration into the window:

The little white box is a gift box lid spray-painted white. I added shells, pearls and blue glass stones, all of which I had on hand.

I am waiting for the walls to really dry, before adding any art.

Bathroom updates – Part 1

I made some changes to our bathroom last week. Even though we are renting, we are allowed to paint. Luckily. So I used leftover paint from our hallway makeover to make a subtle change to our master bathroom.

Step 1)

Take before pictures of our bla-boring builder’s bathroom: There is nothing but beige in there!

Here from another angle:

Step 2) Tape off where needed:

Now seriously, this is how the work-in-progress looked like:

Step 3) Wait for the little one to fall asleep, so one can start painting:

To be continued ….