A pop of color

I previously wrote about the small updates I made to our beige-on-beige master bathroom for very little money.

I used leftover paint from my hallway project to add a very light blue to the walls. Then I used the bottom portion that I had cut off from the white and long curtains in the master bedroom.

I also added some artwork by printing ocean inspired images.

The bathroom went from bla

to a little better:

So far, I was really liking my low budget updates, but something was missing. Now I had beige walls, very lightly colored walls, and my accent color was a baby blue that just didn’t seem to be enough to bring some fun to the room.

I also did not like our shower curtain anymore, which was (what a surprise!) and exciting beige color.

You see? The beige color of the shower curtain just did not work with the rest of my updates.I left it there however, until I could find something I could fall in love with. Here is a little peak:

I purchased a new curtain, bathmat, and hand towel on one of my recent trips to Ikea. They had the curtain on display in one of their bathroom models, and I fell in LOVE.

The colors were just what I needed for my bathroom. And the best part is, that this curtain fits perfectly. Its colors complete the look I was going for in my bathroom.


One response to “A pop of color

  1. Lovin’ those stripes. They really add that somethin’ something… nice job.

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