Cheating on Ikea … with Ikea

I cheated on Ikea with their own items again. This time for my son.

The last few weeks it became apparent at a friend’s house that he really liked the little kids table and chair sets.

However, Ikea prices for the little sets aren’t actually that cheap. We went looking around and decided on small white chairs, and ignored the tables they offered in the same section. Why? Because the math is very simple:

Chair + matching Table: $ 13.00 + $ 25.00 (or around that)

A cheaper alternative would be the kiddy chair with a $5.00 Lack Side Table.

We only purchased the chair from Ikea’s ‘as is’ section. The Lack-table itself we already from a few years ago and was taking up space in the guest room.

Now, we placed both in the little corner between our two sofas in the living room and the table serves as play table for my son and as sofa side table for the adults.


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